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Buzău Gravel Pit

Buzău Gravel Pit

Buzău gravel pit was taken over in 2010 from our partner, Somaco.

It is located in the northwestern area of ​​the city of Buzău, on the right bank of the Buzău River.

Till today, our gravel pit has delivered over 5 million tons of aggregates for various transport infrastructure projects.

Some of the completed projects where Balastiera Buzău was a supplier of aggregates:

  • Pan-European Corridor IV railway Bucharest - Constanța built by Astaldi
  • national and county roads in the area of ​​Buzău county - builders: Porr and Strabag
  • local roads and streets in the Bucharest municipality area - builder Porr
  • Bucharest North Train Station and Otopeni Airport - builder Porr
  • main supplier for Travertec VAE Apcarom precast factory (production of railway sleepers)
  • main supplier for the precast factory Somaco Buzău

The current sorting-crushing-washing line is capable of producing 500,000 tons of mineral aggregates per year.

By the end of 2022, the construction of the A7 Ploiești-Buzău highway section will begin, which causes a huge demand on the aggregates and quarry market. To meet the demand, our company will relocate and renovate the gravel pit in a new area where it will benefit from approximately 10 million tons of natural resources for the next few years. The new sorting-washing-crushing line will be much more productive, with reduced energy consumption.

Because our company places special emphasis on the quality of the products and services offered, the Buzău ballast benefits from numerous quality certifications (SRAC) and authorizations such as:

  • CERTIFICATE CPR 0232.R - AGGREGATES FOR UNBOUND AND HYDRAULICLY BOUND MATERIALS according to Annex ZA of the EN 13242:2002+A1:2007 standard
  • CERTIFICATE CPR 0233.R - AGGREGATES FOR CONCRETE according to Annex ZA of the EN 12620:2002+A1:2008 standard
  • CERTIFICATE CPR 0234.R - AGGREGATES FOR BITUMINOUS MIXTURES according to Annex ZA of the EN 13043:2002/AC:2004 standard

AFER railway supplier authorization - AF series no. 8595, valid until 06.01.2027 with an annual visa for:

  • Processing of the mixture of natural aggregates used for the railway substratum - PSS;
  • Natural gravel pit aggregates used in railway infrastructure;
  • Extraction and processing of crushed stone for ballasting railway lines.

AFER railway technical approval - AT series no. 4070/2022, valid 15.06.2023 for:

  • Processing of the mixture of natural aggregates used for the railway substratum - PSS;

Schematic representation of the Buzău sorting - washing - shredding station

VAT no.: RO1148138
No. of order in the trade register: J10/26/09.01.1992
Unique Identifier at European Level (EUID): ROONRC.J10/26/1992


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