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International Transport

About international transport

At European level

From the desire to expand at the European level, the International Transport department was born in 2016.


All our trucks are equipped with the newest technology telematic GPS tracking systems, so that we and our customers know their position at any time, 24/7.

Starting then with only 5 trucks, today the company owns 74 units, used to transport a wide range of goods. Our trucks pull different types of trailers:

  • Semi-trailers with curtain tarpaulins
  • 50cu m kippers
  • 92 cu m Walkingfloor trailers

The Luscan company encourages diversity and gender equality, so that at all levels of the company, the staff employed is represented by both men and women. The position of truck driver is no exception to this rule. Our company is proud to have professional female drivers.

Minimum emissions of CO2

Concerned about caring for the environment, our company has purchased over time only new trucks, Volvo and Scania, capable of meeting the highest pollution standards. In order to be able to always maintain a minimum degree of CO2 emissions, the trucks are changed every 4 years, being replaced by brand new ones.

Luscan S.R.O.

In order to easily adapt to the regulations of the Mobility Package 2, the new transport company, Luscan s.r.o., was opened in 2021, which is located in the town of 370 01 Litvínovice in the Czech Republic (VAT no.: 140 84 708) . In the current conditions of the mobility package, due to the very large number of Romanian carriers involved in international transport in the European Community, compared to a very small market of goods that must enter and leave Romania, most Romanian trucks will have to return and to leave Romania without cargo.

By relocating the trucks from the international transport department to the new company in the Czech Republic, we manage to reduce the CO2 emissions by 798,000 kg per year, compared to the current size of our fleet, emissions due to the return of trucks from Western Europe to Romania, every 8 weeks.

Luscan Spedition GmbH

In 2022, the forwarding company Luscan Spedition GmbH was opened in Vienna to facilitate the signing of direct contracts with various European companies that require premium transport services, with care for the environment, as Luscan company offers to all our customers.

Our company holds authorizations to transport waste, and animal meal (all three categories) for all European countries.

Having a vast experience of over 30 years in the field of transport, our company is always ready to accept new challenges in this field, and not only, always ensuring the highest quality services.


Luscan Spedition GmbH

  • VAT: ATU 781 07 424
  • Vorgartenstrasse 210/2/6, AT-1020 Wien
  • Tel: 0043 664 347 9936 /Fax: 004317203405
  • Email:

We are also Kraker dealers in Romania

VAT no.: RO1148138
No. of order in the trade register: J10/26/09.01.1992
Unique Identifier at European Level (EUID): ROONRC.J10/26/1992


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